Welcome to Chez Roulez!

Chez Roulez is not merely an online retailer of quality and luxury brands hand curated by our executives. We are a thoughtful incubator of retail development for emerging lines, those growing in their product delivery and experience for customers.

What this means to manufacturers, artisans and craftsmen is that your products of high quality can be aligned with Chez Roulez and our highly experienced eCommerce wholesale lines toward a more prominent future in the marketplace. If you produce products and are seeking to enter the U.S. and Canadian markets through establishment of best practices, competitive positioning, digital channel exposure and fulfillment history, Chez Roulez is where that can begin. If your brand already has a longstanding history of excellence, provision of your products to our customers provides a continuing example of excellence to which our smaller lines can aspire.

How Chez Roulez Helps Emerging Brands


Emerging brands are positioned on Chez Roulez as smaller-producing, custom curation lines through honesty with our customers about delivery times, quality and expectations for customer experience. Through this transparency and extensive customer communication as needed throughout the life cycle of their order, Chez Roulez leadership can help your brand grow and solidify a presence in the marketplace without the massive hiccups of growing too quickly too soon, or the setbacks of not having a fulfillment history toward bigger retail relationships. 

This incubation under Chez Roulez includes other perks that can be explored upon consideration of what counts most to us and our customers, just as it should count most for you: product quality. When you work Chez Roulez, you gain the extensive advocacy and eCommerce experience of the company's founder, who has worked in digital retail since the very beginnings of the Internet. Since 1993, we have been developing eCommerce brands and our successes include hundreds of millions of dollars in annual sales for a multitude of household "names." This experience can be used to your benefit as an inherent reality of acceptance onto the virtual shelves of Chez Roulez.

As a Chez Roulez brand, we will work diligently with you to streamline your processes of customer fulfillment. We will confer with you regarding kinks in the process of door-to-door delivery of your goods and help you come up with solutions to ensure continual optimization of your retail market presence. As this happens, you become better positioned and more ready to grow your business by using your Chez Roulez reputation and fulfillment history to attract more and more retailers until your personal business dreams become reality.

Let us help you grow alongside some of the best examples in eCommerce quality and success. 

How We Accommodate Smaller Brands As Part of Customer Experience


Of course, Chez Roulez must manage customer relationships toward our own success, vitality and reputation. So our big objective must remain that of ensuring our customers are happy. This is largely managed through a product management approach that provides direct and consistent communication with customers when needed. We manage each order as the custom curation it is, then use experience of each order to better communication brand capabilities to our eager shoppers. Through this transparency, we are able to positively partner with you through provision of quality items to happy end users. Honesty and integrity count for something today at Chez Roulez.

Get Started with Chez Roulez Today


Whether you own even a one-man operation of quality product creation, artistry or craftsmanship or are part of a massive import and warehousing operation with luxury and upper tier products, we are eager to make your acquaintance. By working with us, established wholesalers receive a professional, growth-oriented retailer relationship and emerging brands gain a partnership founded in patient, positive retail development. Please simply contact us via email at customerservice@ChezRoulez.com.


Please note: At this time, we are not as interested in overseas relationships or mass-produced replicas as we are U.S., Canadian and select imported brands able to respond to individual customer wants and needs. 



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